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Jane Goodall has always been my role model, pursuing her dreams, and inspiring others. Ever since I was A kid, I’ve always looked up to Goodall. For my six birthdays, I got a graphic novel biography about her life, and what a huge impact she has made. She has always been my role model, succeeding in a scientific world largely dominated by men. Starting at a young age, Jane pictured a life living in the jungle. She dreamed of a life with her stuffed chimpanzee, named Jubilee. Her mother was her supporter’s biggest supporter in this dream. “If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.” That was what janes mother would say. Though she struggled to start and pursue that dream in the start, she never faltered, taking all opportunities with open arms and every risk. Although it did take time to get to her dream. Jane faced many obstacles, such as the cost. not have the money to pay for college, nor to pay for her tuition to go to Africa. She worked countless hours for a full year before she ended up making enough to catch a ferry ride all the way to Africa. She ended up making groundbreaking discoveries within her field of study as a primatologist. She has found similarities between humans and apes, giving us a whole new perspective on the world we live in. Jane never gave up, every high and low of her life. I’ve always admired her for that, as well as her passion for animals. I’ve always wanted to pursue, job Submerged with animals. That’s why I’ve always wanted to be a vet, and hearing Jane’s story, all the ups, and downs have always supported my dreams. She has always been a determined, outgoing, and passionate learner. Jane is extremely brave, taking risks not only for herself but for so many others. She never on her dream, never faltered on knowing where she should be. I’ve always aspired to have qualities like her, as she believes everyone has an impact. Speaking of impact, I think that Jane will never really be forgotten, She changed the world’s perspective on science. Finding similarities between humans and apes is what got us starting to think that we are so similar to them. Jane Goodall has always been a memorable person from the day she started her research, placing a building block that she made into a tower.

Jane Goodall foundation

A goal that I have for my upcoming research is to learn a bit more about the modern Jane Goodall.

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6 thoughts on “Jane Goodall Eminent post

  1. Nice job Ellie! You gave me a lot of detailed insight into Jane’s eminence. I’m surprised how young you were when you found your role model, it sounds like you’re going to enjoy learning about your eminent person. Something you can improve on is making the post look neater (polish the grammar, add some media).

  2. Awesome blog post! It’s cool to see the long and strong connection you have to Jane Goodall, making your eminent choice a no-brainer. I also really liked all of the points you brought up throughout the paragraph to enforce her eminence. I suggest doing another quick proofread, as there are a few grammar and spelling errors, but otherwise great job!

  3. Wow, your blog post is very cool Ellie! I am glad I got to learn more about such an inspiring woman, and I am so happy that you get the chance to do a project on somebody you look up to so much! Something I liked about your post is how well you explained the challenges that Jane faced before she got to be who she is now, I really got a sense of who she is. One critique I have (I think we’re supposed to share those) is that I would love to see some visual aid in the post like pictures, breaks in the text or even videos, just to spice up your already amazing blog post. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Ellie, great blog post! I really like how you talked about how Jane Goodall was your role model and how she was able to succeed in a scientific world dominated mostly by men. Something you can consider is adding pictures to make the blog more appealing. Another suggestion is to proofread your blog before posting. Otherwise, good job!

  5. Hi Ellie! Great post about Jane Goodall – I enjoyed reading it. You did great at highlighting the eminence of Jane Goodall and the importance of her work! The blog showed Jane Goodall’s excellent character and spirit, and you did a great job making connections with her! Again, it was an awesome blog, but I think proofreading the writing a little more could’ve made it even better. Amazing blog – I learned a lot!

  6. I remember that graphic novel book on Jane Goodall from years ago! I’m surprised you remembered getting it. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey have always been inspirations to me as well. Did you know that Dian was actually an occupational therapist initially and that Jane currently works within the department of anthropology and occupational therapy!! Cool Eh!! Great presentation Ellie!!!!

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