Commenting Reflection Gr.9

Reflection on commenting

During the commenting phase, it gave me a great opportunity to learn more, not just about their eminent pick, but about different writing styles, organization, and the visual aspect. I learned from reading others’ posts, one of which would be the visual aspect of the blog itself. I left my blog relatively basic but seeing others inspired me to change and individualize my blog. I found that including pictures in their blogs made me want to keep reading. I also saw the difference in writing styles, the differences in the righting made it seem like ‘their own’ writing stiles. You could see the individuality in the way it was written. Through commenting I did struggle with finding criticism and I didn’t want to negatively affect their self-esteem. I struggled with commenting critique that I needed myself as well. Though this may have been a struggle I also could find some constructive criticism for myself. It helped me Identify the positives and negatives in my writing, and allowed me to improve my blog.

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