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Visit this BCSPCA site to learn about how to adopt a new pet or about how to donate. The SPCA is so important because these animals need good homes, and the SPCA makes a huge effort to make sure that all the animals will be happy.

This is a picture of my dog that I adopted from the SPCA. I spend a lot of time with my dog, and I enjoy taking pictures of him on walks or while he is running around.

The Kakapo Recovery Program does a lot to help kakapos. Did you know there are only 211 kakapos alive today? By donating or adopting a kakapo, you help research on kakapos and help raise the number of these ground-dwelling parrots alive. You can receive a bunch of information about kakapos on their website.

This is a picture of the kakapo I adopted from the Kakapo Recovery Program. I have done a lot of research on these parrots native to New Zealand, and adopting one of them was a great way to help the Kakapo Recovery Program.



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