Assignment #3: ZIP (English)


This is a link for the written part of the children’s book


Here are the images for the picture book that I drew:

This is a link for my annotated bibliography

Summary of the assignment and learning objectives: 

There are three parts of the ZIP project: proposal, research and learning artifact. The first step, the proposal, included coming up with an inquiry question and explaining why you want to research this topic, as well as how you are going to present this information. The second step, research, was where we conducted research to answer our question. At the end of the research, we also created an annotated works cited. The final part, the learning artifact, included creating something that would show your learning, and then presenting that artifact to the class. My inquiry question was “What are the most essential elements of children’s book writing?”. For my artifact, I created a children’s book titled “Soggy the Doggy”.  


I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose (9) 

A large part of the ZIP process was conducting research and creating an annotated works cited to show which sources we used. For my research, I made sure to check that all the sources were reliable by checking when they were published, the last time they were updated, the author, and if there was any bias in the source. I only used sources I thought were reliable, recent and were unbiased.  

I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/Works cited and by using in-text citations (13)  

After conducting the research for my inquiry question, I created an annotated Works cited using the ‘reference’ tool in Word. In the annotated Works cited, I had to cite all of the websites and other sources I used, as well as choose five sources where I had to write a paragraph about how they helped me answer the inquiry question. By creating this annotated Works cited, I was giving credit to the sources I took information and ideas from to answer my question. 

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