Jacqueline Kennedy Learning Centre

30 Facts About Jackie O – A Look at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Hello everyone! I am Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, though you may know me better as Jackie Kennedy. Thank you for coming to (a very different) Night of the Notables this year.

Feel free to learn a little about meΒ here, or you can jump straight to the Jacqueline Kennedy Kahoot.


Thanks again for dropping in and enjoy getting to know some new, eminent people tonight:)


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15 Replies to “Jacqueline Kennedy Learning Centre”

  1. Awesome learning centre Lara!! I learned so much about you and your life that I had no idea about before and am so inspired by the constant resilience and strength you have shown throughout your lifetime! Wonderful job! πŸ™‚

  2. Excellent Prezi and Kahoot Lara! I really enjoyed your presentation and enjoyed learning more about Jacqueline Kennedy. She was certainly very glamorous yet relatable, hard working and intelligent. I had no idea she won an Emmy too! Well done!

    • Thanks for commenting! My life certainly seems grand and glamorous from the outside, and I am glad you were able to see a little of what was on the inside as well!
      Enjoy your night:)

  3. Your Prezi and Kahoot were so engaging! Jacqueline, I truly look up to you for your resilience. You went through so much and, rather than getting beat down and letting societal expectations mould you,
    you managed to overcome all those challenges and come out on the other side a million times stronger. If you could choose one word to represent what your characteristic pink suit meant to you, what would it be?

    • Hi Grace; thanks for your response:)
      My pink suit was really a symbol of strength and resilience throughout those very difficult and testing times. By continuing to wear that suit for the rest of the day after my husband died, I showed everyone that my family was strong and that I would not ignore what had been done.

      Have fun for the rest of the night!

  4. Great Prezi! I took 20th Century History with Yunmin and I agree, Jacqueline Kennedy is an eminent person without her connection to her husband! She’s “the epitome of cool!” Awesome eminent choice

    • Thanks for taking the time to view my project! I love that you have been able to learn a little about me and what I’ve accomplished!
      Have fun viewing other learning centres:)

  5. Hey Lara! I enjoyed your prezi and kahoot very much πŸ˜€
    In 20th Century History 12, we learned a little bit about Jacqueline Kennedy but didn’t delve as deep as you did. I had no idea she won an Emmy in her time as First Lady. This woman’s had one tragic life, that’s for sure. I hope that through this project, a few more people will remember her for HER, not as “JFK’s Wife”…!

    • Thanks for dropping in! Yes, there is certainly more to me than meets the eye:) I believe I have been able to create my own name and stray away from simply being “a wife.”
      Enjoy your night!

  6. Jacqueline, how were you able to continue your life after losing your husband in such a tragic way? What motivated you and inspired for the remainder of your life?

    • Having responsibilities is something that kept me going throughout my entire life. When Jack died, that didn’t change, and more than ever I needed to remind myself of my children and the country who was suddenly looking to me for guidance. My devotion to these people was not only a necessity for them during those challenging times, I believe it was what held me together at the same time. This sense of purpose was always a driving force behind my actions and strength for the rest of my life.

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