Eminent is an independent research project where we pick someone who is eminent who made an impact in the world. Usually you pick a person who has made an impact in a field that interests you. I am interested in photography so I chose Eliot Porter and American photographer known for his nature photography. We had to make a blog post about our person and an annotated bibliography for the sources we used for the project (which you can find under the English and socials category). We also had to create a speech from the perspective of someone or something close to the person that we present to the class. I chose to do my speech from the perspective of Eliot’s camera. Finally to wrap up the project we have eminent night where we have to create a learning centre on our person. My learning centre included a simulation of how Eliot would colour his photos and a few of my favourite pictures he took.


6 – I determine and use the most effective medium to present my work


For our learning centres, we had complete freedom of how we wanted to present our learning but we were encouraged to make it interactive and to have as little facts on the learning centre as possible. I decided to include zero facts on my poster board. This was to encourage people to have conversations with me and it made it more interactive. On my poster board, I included my favourite picture of his and on top of my desk I had a simulation of how Eliot would colour his photos. I think this was the most effective medium since I had a bunch of people asking about the simulation and I had a few really engaged people who were very interested in the topic.


9 – I critically assess research sources for Currency, Reliability, Authority, and Purpose


Since we had to do an annotated bibliography we had to asses all the sources we used and figure out which sources had the most useful information and was the most reliable. Since Eliot was a pretty well-known photographer there were many good sources available for me to get information. I used sources from museums and art websites mainly. It was hard to find sources that were current since he passed away in 1990 but almost all my sources were reliable and trustworthy.


13 – I attribute credit to ideas that are not my own by preparing a Bibliography/Works Cited and by using in-text citations


Like I said in the last point we had to create an annotated bibliography of the sources that we used. We had a session in the library where we learned how to properly create an annotated bibliography. I wasn’t able to attend this meeting since I was sick that day but I had some of my classmates teach me how to do it. I collected all of the sources I used then created an annotated bibliography which you can find under the English and socials tab.