In-Depth Presentation 2021!

Good evening and welcome to my 2021 in-depth presentation! Below I have attached a PowerPoint going through the steps I took to completing my quilt. I hope you enjoy and have a good in-depth night! Hailey In-depth pres 2021

Psychologist Interview

For career life education we were asked to interview someone in a job field we were interested in to find out more about the experiences of people who work within said field. For me this field of interest is psychology. The person in this field I interviewed was with former Acting Supervisor of Victim Services […]

In-Depth Post #6

  Welcome to my final in-depth post! I have made great progress since the last update. Since I had completed all the individual pieces needed for this quilt in the last post, these past two weeks were spent sewing the top layer of the quilt together.   I experimented with two different techniques for sewing […]

In-Depth Post #5

These past two weeks my project got back on track and I made good progress since the last post. Since we had confused the amount of pieces we needed last time we worked on the quilt, the first thing we did at the beginning of the session was draw out our plan. I drew a […]

In-Depth Post #4

Since the last blog post progress on the project has slowed a bit. I wasn’t able to meet with my mentor during this time due to our usual meeting time two weekends ago was Valentine’s Day and this past weekend she was feeling unwell and our meeting was cancelled. The cancellation of these meetings definitely […]

In-Depth Post #3

Since the last post I have kept the ball rolling and accomplished lots through the past couple weeks!  Since last post I have met (virtually) with my mentor once and I completed lots of work during said meeting. Once we got the call going, I checked through the pieces I had completed since last time (which was the 16 […]

In-Depth Post #1

Hello and welcome to my 2021 In-Depth project on quilting! According to Wikipedia “quilting is the term given to the process of joining a minimum of three layers of fabric together either through stitching manually by hand using a needle and thread, or mechanically with a sewing machine or specialised longarm quilting system”. While I […]

Eminent Learning Center – Catherine The Great

Hello and welcome to my Eminent 2020 learning centre! My eminent person this year is Catherine the Great! Below I have a quick timeline of some important dates throughout Catherine’s life. After you take a quick look through that I have attached a 10 question Kahoot about her life. I hope you enjoy and feel […]

Developing the Leaders Around You

This post will be discussing topics from John C Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You. Session 1 – “the Law of Explosive Growth” For this concept, he states “to add growth, lead followers… to multiply, lead leaders”. He is talking about how if you want to grow an organization, the quickest way to do so […]