In-Depth Post #6

Final in-depth post! Needless to say, my project has changed a lot since the beginning. Originally my goal was to sew a dress that I could wear but due to the circumstances, it had to be changed. From there I had to decide what was the best do-able option left and that lead me to hand sewing. While I would’ve liked to continue on my project and continue working with my mentor on costumes for the musical I did majorly improve my hand sewing skills over the last three posts. My sewing looks a lot cleaner and I’ve had to unpick (taking out the thread to restart) a lot less then I had to before.

Above is the sashiko piece I have been working on. While it’s hard to distinguish in the picture the brighter white section is what I’ve sewn already and the duller white is what’s left to sew. I think I’ve been making good progress on this piece so far. I forgot how long hand sewing larger pieces really takes. While I haven’t finished as much on this as expected I think I am well on track to completing it for in-depth night.

Here is the cross-stitch piece I have been working on (I apologise for the bad lighting). I think I have been majorly improving on the neatness and efficiency of my cross-stitch. Thanks to Ms Mulder for the tip of sewing in vertical lines rather than horizontal. I’ve found doing the stitches this improves efficiency and saves thread since I don’t have to tie off (finishing the row with a knot) as often. While it looks like I still have a lot to go on this piece this specific design instructs to only sew in certain areas and leave other areas blank to see the printed design. So even though it looks empty I’m about 2/3 of the way finished. I’m really proud of this piece so far and I think for it being my first cross stitch piece it looks pretty good.


This is the last update you will be getting from this project this year (until in-depth night) so thank you for following along with my progress! Even though the pandemic got in the way of pursuing the project I had started with I think my progress with this has been really good and if I chose to continue with my original project idea next year I think I now have a really good foundation to build off of. Until next time!




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  1. Great progress, Hailey. Thanks for sharing some of your work. You have adapted well. This is an important skills to learn, too.

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