Eminent   Eminent is an independent research project where we pick someone who is eminent who made an impact in the world. Usually you pick a person who has made an impact in a field that interests you. I am interested in photography so I chose Eliot Porter and American photographer known for his nature […]

PTI Presentations

PTI Presentations https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/r/personal/125-eowens_sd43_bc_ca/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?e=4%3A55vmJr&at=9&CID=0ed91747-7a58-66a4-f34b-ac64840e5430&share=EdWdcIZ2g2hEhF9hQcaNvmYB2NIzmtG0vYWFxY7wApZAJA   While our class was studying Part Time Indian we were assigned a project where we had to study one of the issues present in the novel that first nations peoples are facing in the world today. We were assigned groups and we had to present a PowerPoint about our topic to […]

Eliot Porter Annotated Bibliography

Hi there! This is my annotated bibliography for my eminent project on Eliot Porter! This is a list of all the sources I used and the ones I found most useful have descriptions of what can be found underneath!   Works Cited Art Institue Chicago. An American Place. 2016. December 2019. <https://media.artic.edu/stieglitz/an-american-place/>. This gives a […]