In-depth blog post #6

Since my last blog post, I have been meeting with Sandra, my mentor, regularly, using Zoom, and I have been learning more signs and ASL grammar. I have learned a few more activity signs by watching these videos recommended by Sandra:  

ASL That 

ASL That 

ASL That 

I have also learned how to express my opinion about certain activities by watching this video, also recommended by Sandra:  

ASL That

In one of our meetings, Sandra taught me how to sign different chores and errands. I struggled a bit with remembering to use facial expressions and grammar, such as raising my eyebrows when signing the subject of the sentence and lowering my eyebrows when asking questions. I also learned how to ask questions about days of the week and activities, such as “what are you doing tomorrow”, and how to respond with proper grammar. The sentence structure for English and ASL is very different; in English you might say “I am going grocery shopping tomorrow”, but in ASL you would sign “tomorrow I am going to shop food at food store”. When asking “what are you doing tomorrow?” in English, you would sign “tomorrow you do what?” in ASL. When asking “do you vacuum every day?” in English, you would sign “you floor vacuum every day?” in ASL. They are small changes sometimes, yet they make a large difference in what you are signing.  

I have also been practicing recognizing signs and signing more quickly, something I still need a lot of practice with. I have been using ‘THE ASL APP’ to practice signing numbers and ages, and I have been going through some of the old worksheet Sandra gave me to review some of the concepts.  


Here is a video where I show how to sing ages up to ten years old:  

ages in ASL video


How will I present on In-depth night?  

On In-depth night, I plan on showing several videos in which I sign various topics. For example, I will have an activity video, where I will sign certain activities, and I will also have an ‘about me’ video, where I will sing a bit about myself in ASL. I will also explain how to use some basic ASL grammar while signing, which you will be able to see in the video as well as by reading some information in the blog post. I hope that everyone will be able to learn a bit of ASL by watching some of the videos and enjoy learning a bit about ASL grammar!  


It has been really strange learning ASL through Zoom with Sandra, but not strange in a bad way. It was weird at first, not being able to see Sandra in person, but we adapted well, and I feel that I have learned so much in these few months. I will keep learning all the way up to In-depth night with Sandra, and maybe even after on my own. There are so many videos out there where you can learn ASL! Using the videos Sandra has recommended (ASL That videos are really good for learning signs) I hope to continue studying ASL 

8 thoughts on “In-depth blog post #6

  1. Thanks again for sharing your progress video. Keep in mind that on in-depth people have very little time to check out each blogpost presentation. Maybe do one short video only or several short ones so people can pick and choose which one they want to watch.

  2. This is so impressive Emma!

    My brother started ASL and he is not even close to as fluent as you (don’t tell him I said that)

  3. I’m commenting again because, wow!

    your video is incredible. It explains each sign so clearly, it feels like I could do them (I can’t, but that’s because it takes practice and you certainly have put a lot of effort into this!).

    You should be soooooo proud

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