In-Depth 2021: Post 1

Hello! My name is Emma, and this is my first blog post for In-depth 2021!  

What is In-Depth?

In-depth is a TALONS project spread over several months, where we, the students, choose a skill we wish to learn more about. We then find a mentor in the community who is an expert in the field we plan to study who guides our learning throughout In-Depth.  

What skill will I be learning this year?

This year, I have chosen cake decorating as my skill. Over the next few months, I will learn different cake decorating techniques, using a variety of materials such as different types of icing and fondant. My goal is to learn at least ten different techniques during In-Depth 2021. By the end of my project, I hope to be able to combine all the techniques I will have learned to create one large cake design. With the help of my mentor, I will design my final cake, and this final piece will showcase all of my learning. Therefore, not only will I learn how to recreate each technique when working with different baked goods, I will also spend time learning how to make a design aesthetic and interesting to look at. Using a combination of these skills, I will create a final cake that is thought-provoking and aesthetic   

Currently, I know very little about cake decorating. I will still need to buy the supplies required for this year’s In-Depth, such as piping bags and piping tips, as well as the ingredients required to make the cakes and designs.  

Who will help me out during In-Depth?

My mentor this year is Cassandra, the owner and artist at Cassandra Cake Co. I am so thankful that she has volunteered her time to help me learn this incredible form of art for this year’s In-Depth 

Of course, I would welcome any and all advice, feedback, or helpful comments that anyone has that could help me during this journey! Please feel free to comment any thoughts you have at the bottom of this post!  

How will I be learning my skill throughout these next few months?

My goal is to learn at least ten (!) different cake decorating techniques for this year’s project. As well, I wish to learn how to design simple and more complex designs that I can then create. This will require a lot of time spent practicing the techniques, as well as time to learn these skills. I have created a rough timeline of when I will learn each skill, accompanied by a series of recourses to use throughout this journey.  

My mentor Cassandra and I will have weekly meetings to learn these skills. Between meetings I will practice all the skills I have learned to ensure that I can execute each technique as perfectly as possible. Creating both simple and complex designs, I will gradually gain more and more knowledge that will eventually help me create my final cake design. 

Here are a few recourses showing some cake decorating techniques:  

Where will I be learning?

Due to COVID-19, Cassandra and I are unable to meeting in person; therefore, we will be meeting weekly over video calls. I am lucky to have a moderately large kitchen where I will be able to make and decorate baked goods.  

When will I be learning all this?

In-Depth 2021 ranges from now (January) until late May, and I will be meeting weekly with my mentor, Cassandra. For the first week, I will focus on getting to know Cassandra so that we may work well together, and I will feel comfortable asking questions and learning as much as possible. For the next few weeks, I will focus on learning the various cake decorating techniques. Every couple weeks I will take time to review the skills I learned in previous meetings with Cassandra. In April and May, I will begin learning how to design the cakes, as well as how to combine multiple techniques into one design to prepare for my final cake 


Why did I choose to learn cake decorating?

Cake decorating is such an awe-inspiring form of art. That people can create beautiful and thought-provoking masterpieces using only edible materials is truly incredible. I’ve often wondered if I could ever create pieces of art that intriguing, and now is my chance to try. And, just like any other form of art, I believe that beautifully decorated cakes can bring a sense of joy to anyone.  

And we all need a bit of joy in these challenging times.  

Thank you again to Cassandra for helping me throughout these next few months! I am super excited for In-Depth 2021!  

2 thoughts on “In-Depth 2021: Post 1

  1. Have you tried any cake decorating yet over the break? This is a very creative endeavour. I look forward to your first decorate (cup) cake.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I have not been able to do any decorating yet, but I am definitely going to start very soon! And when I do, I’ll put lots of pictures up on my blog! 🙂

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