Parts of the Cell Presentation

Parts of the cell presentation

Microtubule Script

The parts of the cell presentation was a collaborative project the class worked to complete as a whole. We all chose a part of the cell we wanted to do a short two slide presentation on. I got the microtubules. We were all given access to the online PowerPoint slide and we all were given two slides to talk about the function of our cell part and its appearance etc. Unfortunately our teacher deleted the PowerPoint but I included the script I used above.


1 – I use digital spaces to plan and execute collaborative projects with my peers


Since we had to use PowerPoint online we exclusively used digital spaces to complete this project. Individually we had to complete research on our own cell parts online. We had to conduct research about the cell part online only. After that, we used PowerPoint to put the presentation together. We had to design two PowerPoint slides in the presentation and other than someone continuously changing the theme and messing up everyone’s theme it went smoothly.


14 – I ethically use content that is not created by me by using Creative-Commons licensed audio, video, or images and by properly citing these resources within my work


We all had to use images in our slides and clearly you can’t take pictures of the parts of a cell with high school science equipment, so we had to get images off the internet. We all properly sourced the images we used. We also all properly sourced the articles and websites we got the information about our cell parts off of.