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  1. Hi Hailey! I don’t know what you were talking about – your talk is really good! It was really interesting learning about how plants actually have the ability to listen to a water source and how it could actually benefit us in the future by reducing the amount of pesticides while increasing yield. You mentioned in your talk about how sound testing was used on various different plants, however, I noticed the plants tested all seem to be crops. Because of this, I wondered if all plants had this ability. And also, do plants “talk” to one another (possibly to notify each other of dangers or water sources)? Good job on you talk!

    1. Thank you Jazmine! I’m glad you found it interesting! While not enough testing was done on plants that weren’t crops to draw a conclusion on whether plants that aren’t crops are affected by sound in the same way, I would assume if you found the right tone for different kinds of plants it would have a similar effect on growth. Also, plants do “talk” to each other! It has been proven if one section of a plant is under attack from something like spider mites or aphids the plant will let out a hormone that tells the other plants (of the same species) around it to start producing the hormones that protect the plant against that attack before it has been affected! Great questions!

  2. Wow Hailey, your presentation is incredible! I learned so much about how sound effects plants.
    One of the many stars for this presentation is that you used a few diagrams that were helpful in understanding the information. You also spoke extremely clearly which made it easy to follow your presentation!
    I think that one thing that you could have done was use more images on the slides. Some slides had a lot of text, and while that text was useful, I think that adding a few images would have been a good idea. But your presentation was super informative and I learned A LOT!
    One question I have is how you might use this information in the future?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I agree with your stars and wishes. During quarantine I have begun gardening so for me this information will be useful since I can use my research to use these sounds to improve my plants growth! I will also be using this information for the grade 10 experiments next year! Thank you for the question and feedback!

  3. Great Job Hailey! You did a great job of explaining your research quite simply to I can understand it and you used videos well. I would suggest using more images to give a more visual way to learn about your topic. Do certain sounds (loudness, pitch, etc. ) affect plants differently and do any sounds affect certain plants negatively?
    – Ben

    1. Thank you Ben! I definitely agree with your feedback. Certain sounds do affect plants differently! While plants all seem to have certain tones that work best for them some frequencies can affect different plants negatively. If a certain tone is played it can cause plants to stress out more and can cause plants to do worse. Thank you for the great question!

  4. Hailey your presentation was really good! I really like your use of colour and images because they all fit like a nice colour scheme that clearly reflects your topic. However I do wish that the video you included had a visual aspect to it because I feel that would make it a little bit better. Aside from that your information is really thorough and I clearly understand everything you’ve explained. I do wonder however, is there an optimal frequency of music to play or if a higher frequency is better or worse than a lower frequency?

    1. Thanks Avery! The video was supposed to have visuals attached to it I think it might have just glitched out but I appreciate the feedback! It depends on the plant you are testing since certain plants like different frequencies. Since all plants like different tones it is harder to say if a higher frequency is better or worse it just depends on what that type of plant likes. Thank you for the input and great question!

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