Eminent Annotated Bibliography 2020


  1. GALA. (n.d.). Till the Time of Trial the prison letters of simon nkoli. Retrieved from www.gala.co.za: https://www.gala.co.za/resources/docs/Letters_of_Simon_Nkoli.pdf

This source gives insight into the inner workings of Simon’s mind. Through reading the letters he wrote to his lover whilst in prison, one starts to acquire a deeper understanding of his wants and fears. This source is useful if you are looking to add another layer onto your research. My project greatly benefited from this source as it is partly in Simon’s own words, giving me something no other reference could.


  1. Martin, Y. (2015, October). The GLOW Collection. Retrieved from GLOW.pdf: https://gala.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/GLOW.pdf

This source provides further insight into the organization known as GLOW, which Simon cofounded. Here, you can learn about the struggles and triumphs of the original LGBTQ+ movement in South Africa. You can also learn about Simon’s comrades who stood alongside him during his fight for equality. I found this to be helpful as Simon’s whole persona was orientated around activism and the groups he fought beside.


  1. Mills, L. (2019, February 26). Making Queer History. Simon Tseko Nkoli, 1. Retrieved November 28, 2019, from https://www.makingqueerhistory.com/articles/2019/2/26/simon-tseko-nkoli

Similar to something of a biography, yet more intense where information and personal connections are concerned. This source provides a clear depiction of Simon’s life, including a collection of his most memorable quotes. This article gave me the need to know facts in order to understand the basis of Simon Nkoli’s life.


  1. Mokgoroane, L. (2018, February 13). Simon Nkoli Memorial Lecture 2018: Reading the Past into the Future. San Francisco, California, U.S.: A Medium Corporation. Retrieved from https://medium.com/@mr_mokgoroane/simon-nkoli-memorial-lecture-2018-reading-the-past-into-the-future-8b53fa646ea8

This source’s main purpose is humanising Simon Nkoli. While most sources will tell you of the remarkable achievements Nkoli accomplsihed, few will regard him as a human being. Its easy to glorify someone we do not know, but, through this carefully written article, you will begin to realize just how notable Simon was. Before discovering this written lecture, I didn’t consider Simon as ‘real’, yes I knew he existed, but I never truly accepted that he was a human being; a person with flaws and hardships.


  1. SAHO. (2019, September 30). The First Gay Pride March is Held in South Africa. Retrieved from South African History Online: https://www.sahistory.org.za/dated-event/first-gay-pride-march-held-south-africa

Short, but sweet, this reference will tell you all you need to know about South Africa’s first pride march, including the role Simon played in its being. Not to mention a quick summary of the event itself. This source gave me the crucial information I needed in order to construct the foundation of my project.


Additional Sources:

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