TALONS DL Assignment #2 (Social Studies)

Looking at the Living Conditions in First Nations Reservations. 

For this group project, me and my peers took a closer look at the living conditions of Reservations in Canada. In our presentation we covered the history of reserves, what they were like, the water crisis, the food found on reservations, mental health, physical health, the food and water crises in connection to health problems, and mental/physical health in connection to the living conditions. This project was partly prompted by our literary study of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, which is a book about a boy that lives on a reserve, who one day decides to attend a mostly white school over  20 miles away.




Three Digital Criteria I used include:


  •  ” I ethically us[ed] content that [wa]s not created by me by using Creative Commons licensed audio, video, or images and by properly citing these resources within my work.” (no. 14)

This is fairly self-explanatory, but if you look carefully on each PowerPoint slide, there is a source citing the image used.


  •  “I enhanc[ed] the impact of my research or presentation through creative use of technology.” (no. 5)

PowerPoint, although a typical media for presentations, you cannot deny its effectiveness when conveying information, as it provides a visualization that is hard to produce otherwise. limited text on each slide also enhances the focus of the audience on the presenter instead of just the screen.


  •  “I [went] beyond google and used databases to find scholarly research sources.” (no. 11.)

I used a number of databases linked through the Gleneagle library to find information on the living conditions of reservations in Canada.


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