Developing the Leaders Around You

John C. Maxwell – Developing the Leaders Around You

Session One

Principle/Idea: Leaders attract other leaders (pg. 5)


The law of magnetism states that, “Who you are is who you attract”. When you demonstrate exceptional leadership capabilities, the leaders around you will be more open to working with you. After all, “it takes a leader to know a leader. It takes a leader to show a leader. [And] it takes a leader to grow a leader” -John C. Maxwell.

Reasons for choosing:

Everyone tends to attract others with similar characteristics and personality traits. While I get along well with my own friends, I also want to be able to attract people who I might not have a lot in common with, but who have strong and unique leadership qualities that I can learn from.

Future application:

In the future, I will try to emulate leadership qualities that I want to attract in others. By displaying these qualities I won’t always attract people with similar interests, but I might attract those with effective leadership qualities.

Session Two

Principle/Idea: Leaders are Bottom-line thinkers (pg. 11)

Definition: As Thomas Edison once said, “there ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish something”. Bottom-line thinkers, while not oblivious to the limitations of reality, choose to take those limitations with a grain of sand, and instead look for possibilities to accomplish their goals.

Reasons for choosing:

I tend to focus more on the limitations of a task than the possibilities of that task. While I frame it as being realistic, I know that that “realism” often cloaks my pessimism. Yes, there are going to be limits, but not all of those perceived limits are deal-breakers.

Future application:

Instead of finding creative ways to limit my output, I will try to make a conscious decision to “get things done” without bothering too much on the limitations of the task.

Session Three

Principle/Idea: Work on yourself before you work on others (pg. 16)

Definition: “Leaders go first!”. By putting in the effort to maximise your own potential, others will be better inclined to let you help them reach their own potential. By having credibility, leadership, connection, and respect, your mentee will be motivated to do as you have done, and furthermore, expand into themselves.

Reasons for choosing:

I always want to do something. And I feel that I can create the most impact when I do something for others. But, while this may be true, that impact could be so much more if I only take the time to develop myself first. Yes, it takes time and isn’t always the most enjoyable aspect of leadership, it is crucial when developing other leaders.

Future application:

While I will still expand on my understanding of how to develop other leaders, I will also try and take a step back from focusing on others, and make sure that I am the leader that I want to be.

Session Four

Principle/Idea: Leaders have the ability to evaluate a person’s development level [in terms of leadership] (pg. 21)

Definition: Through experience and monitoring, a leader can determine where others are at in their development, as well as if they have grown to/plateaued at a certain pool of development. There are 6 simple levels/pools of growth. Level One includes minimal growth. Level Two is when they grow enough to be capable of doing their job. Level Three is when they are able to grow so that they can reproduce themselves within their jobs. Level Four is growth that takes them to a higher level. Level Five involves growing so that they can take others higher. And finally, Level Six is when they can grow to do any job.

Reasons for choosing:

More often than not we want to work with those we know, not those that have the mindset to grow themselves/others. I know who I work well with, but if I only look for familiarity, then I will never be able to grow myself to bring others higher.

Future application:

In general, I must be willing to constantly add and update aspects or ideas to my list of evaluating strategies, as many of these come with experience. And experience comes with time. Above all else, I will be patient with myself because leadership is a process, and mistakes will occur.


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