In-Depth Post No. 3 2020

So far, my In-depth and mentoring has been relatively smooth sailing now that all the paperwork is done.

(Q1.) Something that is going particularly well in my mentoring meetings is Aaron and I’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Even when there is just a hint of confusion, it is quickly sorted.

(Q3.) During our first meeting, I found it hard to share my poetry because I have never developed the habit of reading what I write. But, fortunately, Aaron encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, and, despite my irrational fear of failure, I managed to read one poem aloud. 

(Q5.) Having a more structured meeting could possibly help move me towards my goal in a more efficient and effective way. Another thing that could improve our meetings is choosing a better location, one that provides less distractions, whilst still being a public space. 

(Q6.) In order to follow a more structured meeting, I could assemble a more detailed schedule/itnerary on what I need to do/learn/talk about during any given meeting with my mentor. And, when it comes to choosing a better location for our meetings, I can simply do some research to find public spaces near Gleneagle Secondary.


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