Careers Interview

As someone looking to study political science and hopefully segway into a related career, I was lucky to be introduced to a current PoliSci student at UBC who graciously took time out of his day to answer some of my questions.

Firstly we went over some recommended high school courses I could take to prepare me for political science:

  • History 
  • Law 
  • Economics  
  • Social Justice 
  • Philosophy

We then discussed the content/course load of a PoliSci student (specifically the joint political science/economics program at UBC). This included:

  • Reading: 100pgs/week of ‘dry’ literature
  • Writing: 8-15 pages/week
  • 3-4 courses/semester

Lastly we talked about general advice/suggestions:

  • Join a worker cooperative (experience is good)
  • studying capitally run workplaces vs co-ops (very interesting)
  • don’t go into politics
  • did I mention do not go into politics?
  • choose a career that isn’t in politics
  • run as far away as possible



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