In-Depth Post No. 1 (intro) 2021

What (topic): Architectural Drawings. This will include, basic concept drawings, plan drawings, different perspective renderings, and potentially some colour. Some of my objectives/goals include:

  • By the end of the school year, I would like to have improved my realism through building design and renderings  
  • After each week I hope to have learned at least one new skill/element of design. 
  • After in-depth, I would like to have gained enough knowledge to begin applying my skills to real-life situations/problems. 

Hopefully by the end of In-Depth I’ll have:

  • showed clear improvement between the start of my in-depth project to the end of the project 
  • drawn renderings in a manner that allows others to understand the concepts without verbal/textual explanations 
  • used/explored multiple techniques and found my own style of rendering 
  • taken my design(s) beyond ‘textbook’ architecture 
  • Created/used colour palettes were unique and variant 

Where: At home (via phone/video/email). I have a desk area perfect for some sketching, and noise cancelling headphones that will protect me from my brother’s video game commentary.

When (timeline): I will officially be starting my In-Depth project next week, until the conclusion of In-Depth in May. For the first half of my project I’d like to focus on sketching (general perspective drawings & renderings of pre-existing buildings) to gain some knowledge of common architecture styles and techniques. This will help me narrow down my focus even further to a specific style architecture. In the latter half, I’d like to use the knowledge and skills from the former to design a construct of my own (in a specific style determined beforehand), complete with all necessary plan drawings.

Why: I have, for a long while, considered a career in architecture. In-depth will provide an adequate baseline of skills that will help me determine if this is what I want to do later on. Even if I end up travelling down a different road, drawing will always be a passion of mine

How: I will be mentored in Architecture by a retired architect through email, and phone/video calls. I also have an extensive list of online resources that I can refer to when my mentor isn’t available. Additionally, I have contact with another artist in the community who used to co-own an architecture firm that I can also learn from. 

Mentor: Murray MacKinnon, architect of 40+ years (retired). 

Method: Sketching with pencils on paper.

What I still need: In short, I don’t require any additional support for my In-Depth project this year, but I might need to get some geometrical rulers once i start drawing more complex constructs.


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